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The SpoofCard is a card that allows for displaying the caller's telephone number of our choice, not the correct phone number for use.The Spoof Card is the easiest way to have a fun night. This one works from any phone, from any place, any time. Spoofcard is not a joking matter, but a new world that really freedom. 'Privacy Innovation' is what the Spoof Card our promises. This is a sincere step to help save the identity in many situations and keeping information totally secure. For safety, we can change our voice to male or female, or just use their own voice. There are so many different ways we can use the Spoof Card:

1. Making an important call to the authorities provide explicit information without revealing identity.
2. Play pranks with your friends and keep them guessing.
3. Business make calls without letting the identity or personal information.
4. Note the important calls can help to prove our point in the future.
5. Play it safe in every way by doing the right thing without the express ourselves.

Spoof Card is one of the hottest telecom products coming to market in recent years. With Spoofcard, millions of people who use this new technology to have Internet telephone equipment is set to make phone numbers appear on caller ID systems. If we are interested in The Spoof Card and place an order, we will receive an email from spoofrod.com that reads "Thank you for your order" SpoofCard offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive phone calls. Simply dial SpoofCard's toll free numbers or local access number in your country and then enter our PIN, then will be asked to enter the destination number followed by the phone number appears on caller ID. Each SpoofCard legal capacity in the United States. However, a specific use may be illegal depending on which country you are calling from or to. Some states have passed laws that make it illegal to spoof caller ID for a particular purpose, such as "to mislead, deceive or trick the recipient phone calls."

Before using SpoofCard spoofing capabilities, we must determine whether we will make use of legal services in a country where calling from and the destination country where the party's call was. Before using SpoofCard recording capability, we must determine whether it is legal in the countries where we are calling from and the countries in which we call the party is recording a call without giving the called party. If we do not know whether the tape as the law in both countries, we must protect ourselves from possible state criminal charges by notifying the other party that we record the conversation. SpoofCard can not monitor conversations to determine whether they are legally false or recorded. SpoofCard disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for the use of the Card's spoofing or recording capability.

SpoofCard expressly disclaims all responsibility for the use of any one of us Spoof Card in any other services than the United States. There are thousands of examples of such use SpoofCard business professionals such as doctors can return calls using their personal phone without revealing phone numbers they prefer to remain private. Thus with the emergence of SpoofRod.Com SpoofCard can help the community.

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